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My name is Kyle, I am 26 years old, born and raised in the greatest state in this country, New Jersey (I’m just kidding).  I have played fantasy baseball and football for the past 12 years or so, learning the ropes and gaining experience & knowledge as I go. My experience has gone from free leagues with friends and family, to high stakes leagues with some of the best fantasy players in the world. A few seasons ago, I finished in the 8th position in the Fantasy Players Championship out of almost 7500 total teams. My goal is to provide each listener and reader with the necessary information to make them feel comfortable during their draft, get them through a long tumultuous season and to a fantasy championship!


Hello fellow and future Fantasy Fam members, my name is Anthony aka ‘Sven.’  Nickname started in elementary school and is still used today.  I am 32 years old, originally from New York but currently live in Texas with my fiance, Maria and 2 dogs...Riley & Jeter.  Yes he is named after 'the captain.'  Kyle is my cousin and Chris is my brother hence the name, Fantasy Fam.  My favorite teams are; New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, New Jersey Devils, New York Knicks, and the mighty reds, Manchester United.  My hobbies include playing golf, movies/tv shows, cooking, watching sports, and of course fantasy.  I have been participating in fantasy sports for about 17 years in mainly Football and Baseball.  Sports are a big part of my life and I, along with my co hosts, hope to provide you with the best fantasy advice.


I'm an axelrod dipping my wise-potato chip eating, wise cracking, pooh bear slinging, sports talking, social commentator of the bunch.  My passion for sports can be compared to the pure enthusiasm I have for my lovely wife, our crazy terrier, movies, mustaches, beards, facial hair in general, FOOD, eats, incredible edibles and late night snacks.  I have an affinity for sports statistics that I was introduced to at a young age by collecting cards with my Dad.  After every Pop Warner game, we would stop and pick up a pack or two.  It eventually blossomed into a weekly firehouse card show appearance and adventures to search for rare rookies.  I played football for most of my prior-to-adult life.  An injury ended my once promising DIII career far too early.  It only gave me more time to watch sports, read about sports and review sports statistics.  Clearly and obviously a true passion of mine.  Here's to you for listening and enjoying the banter that we couldn't live without!

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