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Week 1

Sep 5, 2019 |

Written By: Jason Beck @TheyCallMeDad_3 Everyone rejoice, week one of the regular season is here! As we all sit down this week and watch our teams crush the competition, there will be those unexpected players that will put up big games. As a result, they will be the current hotness of the waiver wire going…

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Beat The Blitz; Preseason Week 2

Aug 14, 2019 |

We are back again for the second installment of Beat The Blitz. Week one granted a decent ROI for most of the players that were suggested, and I am confident for similar results this week. Get your FAAB ready dynasty owners because the following guys will be premier pickups after week 2. Stash these guys while they are still cheap and have an advantage over your competition.

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Beat the Blitz; Preseason Week One

Aug 7, 2019 |

Football is back! As a result, dynasty owners will have a close eye on the upcoming match ups this week. With FAAB money in hand, waivers will be in complete pandemonium beginning Friday morning. However, I am here to help you beat the blitz of the waiver chaos, and key in on some potential positional battle winners that you can acquire cheap prior to kickoff.
Written By: Jason Beck @TheyCallMeDad_3

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Sleeper Late Round Dart Throws

Aug 6, 2019 |

Every year, fantasy football brings us all together for draft parties, cold drinks, & trash talk. No matter how early or how late in the off season your draft is, your league can’t be won at draft night, but you can lose it if you aren’t prepared. Casual and hardcore fantasy players will all know the big names such as Barkley, Mahomes, and Juju. These guys will all be automatic smashes that will offer your team a leg up no matter where you are able to land them. However, those are the easy picks. As the draft carries on, your buddies will begin to sit on the clock a little longer debating on their next selection. This could be the cause of too much to drink, getting sniped right before your pick, or simply not being prepared. When round 10 rolls around, the draft board could look like a deserted wasteland, but I am here to offer you a few late round dart throws to target that could end up winning you a fantasy title this season. 
Written By: Jason Beck @TheyCallMeDad_3

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What impact will new head coaches have on fantasy players? Part 1 of 2

Jul 19, 2019 |

Since the 2018 NFL season ended, 8 new head coaches or interim coaches took over. As the coaches move, their offensive & defensive play styles come too. This could change some fantasy players for the better or for the worse. Let’s dive into the most exciting coaching changes that could alter your draft strategy.

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Which wideout should you take first?

Jul 12, 2019 |

If you don’t do mocks or don’t care for rankings, then you’re just going to do whatever but one thing I will tell you is if you’re not deciding between DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams then your most likely doing it wrong.

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Late TE’s to Target with High Upside

Jun 20, 2019 |

Written by: Joshua Black @ff_jblack OK, lets talk about a subject that some people think that should be out of fantasy football. Tight ends can make or break your fantasy week if you & your opponent have a similar scoring match up.  Some people do like drafting TE’s early if you manage to get one of…

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Late round QB’s that you should target!

Jun 13, 2019 |

Now don’t get me wrong I would love to have a Pat Mahomes, Andrew Luck, or Aaron Rodgers on my team just like you do. I will take one of them if the value is there for me, and in my opinion if I could get one of them in the 6th round I’ll take it…

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What to do with Todd Gurley?

Jun 2, 2019 |

Not only will Henderson beat out Brown for the backup role but could be the starter day on day one if Gurley is not a hundred percent. Coach McVay has come out and said Gurley see some snap reduction next season, but this could mean five or so less than normal….

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Top 5 Rookie Running Backs That Will See Touches

May 24, 2019 |

We would all like to get lucky and draft a Barkley or Zeke whether it’s a redraft or dynasty. Players like them make it clear cut that they will be a starter out the gate. Now we all don’t live in a prefect world, and we need some luck looking at rookies. Every year some of the mid to late round running backs do end up getting on the field to show case what they can do. Now this is also due to injury or the team is just getting beat so bad that the coaches are trying to see what they got. In this article, I will go over my top 5 running backs that have the best chance to see some touches.

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