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Predictions, Reactions, & 100 years

The NFL season is so close you can almost reach out and grab it!!  What a busy weekend right after the final cut’s to get to 53 man roosters.  In this episode, The Fam breaks down some trades & players that got released AND signed with another team.  Have you also ever thought, should I draft a player that is very talented but he plays for a not so good team??  We discuss this very topic and ask the specific question…Is Joe Mixon worth is current ADP playing for a bad Bengals team?  Other question’s you might ponder when drafting; Can a bad/sub par/ below .500 team produce fantasy relevant players?  The show is then ended with some late round/sleeper TE’s.  After the top 5-7 TE’s, every player is up in the air as to where they could potentially finish.  SUBSCRIBE and tune in to hear all of these questions answered!

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