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Late round QB’s that you should target!

Written By: Joshua Black @ff_jblack.

So, your sitting at your computer on draft day. You are pumped up and ready to assemble the best fantasy team you can. I’m just here to help you remember the most important rule of fantasy football, and that is to make sure you always and I mean always draft your kicker and defense off the bat! Ha-ha NO I’m playing! (Get rid of the kicker/defense) The real number one rule is don’t overdraft at the QB spot. A lot of great talented league winning QB’s can be found past the tenth round. I have done some research for you to prove that some talented QB’s will be there and you can shift your focus to drafting more wide outs and running backs.

Now don’t get me wrong I would love to have a Pat Mahomes, Andrew Luck, or Aaron Rodgers on my team just like you do. I will take one of them if the value is there for me, and in my opinion if I could get one of them in the 6th round ill take it. Normally that doesn’t work out like I want, but that’s ok because I have so many to pick from later on in the draft. Lets take a look at some of the different draft scoring formats and let me show you some similarly faces.


Most leagues start out with standard scoring and that’s ok ill play a few of them here and there, but its not my favorite scoring format. The basic of this scoring is giving running backs and wide outs 6 points for touchdowns, and 1 point for every 10 yards. QBs get 4 points for scoring a touchdown, and 1 point for every 25 yards passing. Here is a list of QBs that fall past the 10th round in this scoring format.


  1. Ben Roethlisberger 10.03
  2. Jameis Winston 10.08
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo 11.5
  4. Josh Allen 11.10
  5. Kirk Cousins 12.01


PPR leagues can be really exciting to play in. They offer better value for the wide outs, tight ends, and running backs who catch out the back field. PPR stands for Points-per-reception, which means what it says a point for every catch made. Now QBs don’t really get a bump in this scoring format, but it does help when a guy can take it to the house for a score. Let’s look at the first 5 that fall after the 10th round.

  1. Jameis Winston 10.03
  2. Philip Rivers 10.08
  3. Ben Roethlisberger 11.01
  4. Tom Brady 11.02
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo 11.09


Half-PPR leagues are great for people who want almost a prefect balance of scoring format. These leagues don’t over value the wide outs, tight end, and pass catching running backs. Also, a half point is given to a pass catcher in addition to their receiving yards or scores. I know most of these don’t have must to do with QBs, but they do change the way they are looked at. Here are the 5 after the 10th round.

  1. Kyler Murray 10.02
  2. Philip Rivers 10.06
  3. Tom Brady 10.11
  4. Josh Allen 11.02
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo 11.06


Final Thoughts

So, I have listed 5 QBs that are being drafted after the 10th round according to fantasy football calculator ADP rankings. Like I mentioned earlier, the scoring formats don’t really matter to QBs unless you are in a two QB league or a Super flex league. Guys like Josh Allen and Jimmy Garoppolo make all three. I would take either one or them in a redraft league and be happy with it. Next, we seen several QBs making two out three. Jamies Winston, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and Tom Brady all make it at least twice. Again, I am willing to take any one of them and I would still walk away feeling like I won the draft. If there is anything you could take away from this is that you need to wait to draft a QB. There are great QBs that fall well past the 10th and if you guys enjoyed this, I can make a part two.

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