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Late TE’s to Target with High Upside

Written by: Joshua Black @ff_jblack

OK, lets talk about a subject that some people think that should be out of fantasy football. Tight ends can make or break your fantasy week if you & your opponent have a similar scoring match up.  Some people do like drafting TE’s early if you manage to get one of the top three, but if you’re like me you rather grab a flyer or just stream them off the waivers. Well I’ve done some digging and believe I have found some solid high upside late rounders that you can target.  These rankings are based off of a Standard Scoring Format.  I also used 3 different sites; Fantasyfootballcalculator, fantasyPros, Rotowire, to compare them all so this will give a better look into my work.  Most of these tight end’s I list are being drafted around the 13th round and beyond, so some of these guys will end up being your average back up TE.  The other’s could be a diamond in the rough you find during your draft.

Here are 5 guys that are ranked 15th and back according to FantasyPros.

  1. Chris Herndon IV
  2. Jimmy Graham
  3. Kyle Rudolph
  4. Noah Fant
  5. Greg Olsen

Lets me take you around these rankings some. You have guys like Trey Burton and Delanie Walker ahead of them, and Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert, and Dallas Goedert are being taken after these guys.

Here are 5 guys that are ranked 15th and back from the Fantasy Football Calculator.

  1. Kyle Rudolph
  2. Austin Hooper
  3. Jimmy Graham
  4. Chris Herndon IV
  5. Noah Fant

In comparison, FantasyPros and FF Calculator have 4 out 5 TE’s the same where Austin Hooper seems to be the odd ball here.  Now I see the argument for Hooper being a good upside TE and I truly believe that Matt Ryan can be a top 5 guy this year, so I can get behind Hooper here.  After these 5 are Dallas Goedert, Jordan Reed, and Tyler Eifert.  Ranked ahead of them are Greg Olsen, TJ Hockenson, and Delanie Walker.

Here are 5 guys that are ranked 15th and back from Rotowire.

  1. Greg Olsen
  2. Trey Burton
  3. Dallas Goedert
  4. Jimmy Graham
  5. Jordan Reed

Rotowire has the most interesting list here for the TE’s especially after the 5 listed above. You have Jack Doyle, Mark Andrews, and Tyler Eifert. The 2 noteworthy that are ranked ahead are Chris Herndon and Delanie Walker.                         

Top 3

After comparing the websites, I have 3 guys who are possibly the best late round pick up. This list was made before news broke on him, but I will leave it in because I do feel like he will be great once his time is served. *** Chris Herndon IV is my top guy that I will be looking at around 13th or 14th   round. This guy I feel like has the best upside in terms with targets from Sam Darnold. Bell and Anderson will be the ones most teams will look out for and that could leave Herndon wide open for some easy pickups. (Update) Would like to add here even though he got a 2-game suspension, Herndon will most likely go undrafted so feel free to pass on him till after he served his time. *** Next guy up I would target is Jimmy Graham. Yes, I know that don’t sound to good, and he is not the same Jimmy Graham we loved back in New Orleans. The reason I’m looking his way this year is because the coaching change in Green Bay.  With reports coming out on who will be Aaron Rogers number 2 is still in the air, I can see Graham getting some deep looks. Last guy ill look for is Greg Olsen. Olsen is injury prone I know this but besides CMC catching the ball, Olsen will see some work.  I would even spend a last round pick or even pick up Ian Thomas off the wire once the draft ends. This TE spot for the Panthers will be a good whoever is the one. The receiving core is some what unknown for time being on who will be the number one, but it will be interesting to see who will see a lot of work once teams shut CMC down (if they can).  My other guy I will throw in here since Herndon is suspended is Kyle Rudolph.  He got a huge payday $$$! Many believed his time with the Vikings was over, but he could be looking for a huge bounce back year. He is one of them guys that may fall to the last round because how low he is flying right now.

Deep Sleeper

So, are you one of them guys who picks a TE with you last pick just because you know you will stream them anyway? Well hello my dear friend, I have just the pick for you as well. I mean what do you have to lose if your going to stream them anyway right.  Here take a chance on this guy….

Dawson Knox a rookie from Ole Miss. Knox was drafted by the bills out of 3rd round of the NFL draft. This kid has been impressing the bills coaching staff since he got there. With injuries that happened ahead of him, Knox is now the number one guy in line for the job. Knox was known for catching the deep balls and the jump balls in end-zone for Ole Miss. He would be one that teams would forget about since D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown was there soaking up targets. This guy can really be a game changer for the Bills and I think him & Josh Allen will form a strong connection.

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