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Top 5 Rookie Running Backs That Will See Touches

Author: Joshua Black @ff_jblack

We would all like to get lucky and draft a Barkley or Zeke whether it’s a redraft or dynasty. Players like them make it clear cut that they will be a starter out the gate. Now we all don’t live in a prefect world, and we need some luck looking at rookies. Every year some of the mid to late round running backs do end up getting on the field to show case what they can do. Now this is also due to injury or the team is just getting beat so bad that the coaches are trying to see what they got. In this article, I will go over my top 5 running backs that have the best chance to see some touches.

  1. Alexander Mattison – Vikings

Now here at the fifth spot I’ve decided to go with Alexander Mattison over Darrell Henderson and here is why. Yes, I am aware that Cook is the number one on the Vikings, but everyone needs a break right.  In a Dec. 2018 a news story from the NFL reported that the Vikings had come out and said they want to run the ball more. Now this will really open the back field up for Mattison to make his way onto the field to give Cook a break. Another reason I picked Mattison over Henderson is because Cooks injury history. Each year that Cook has been in the league, he has had trouble staying healthy for a full season, so the injury bug could strike again leaving the door open for Mattison.

  1. Damien Harris – Patriots 

Here at the forth spot we have Damien Harris from the University of

Alabama. (Spoiler alert going be another) This 5ft 10, 214 pound is a picture-perfect bruiser. I will be the first to admit that he will take over Rex Burkhead’s role in the Patriots back field. Not only will he take the goal line touches, but he was used as a 3rd down check down in college. This kid will overtime most likely phase James White out of the back field as well. We all know Tom Brady wants to play till he can’t no more, so it makes perfect since to get a good running back committee that will pick up the 1st downs for you. Keep your eye on this guy, because the Patriots just may have ended up with the biggest steal of the 2019 draft.

  1. Miles Sanders – Eagles

Miles Sanders checks in at the 3rd spot on my list. Sanders had every opportunity to leave Penn State a few years back once he got beat out by Saquon Barkley, but he decided to stay put and learn from it. This kid only had one full season with the team, but he put up monster numbers for that year. He had 220 att, 1,274 rushing yards, and 9 TDs! He also did some damage in the receiving as well. With Sanders going to the Eagles, He will phase out this weird running back committee that has formed over the past 2 years. If you have Josh Adams or Wendell Smallwood, it’s time to dump them or trade them for any value you may can get. Doug Peterson does like a two running back system, and with the Eagles trading for Jordan Howard, this will be the Howard and Sanders show.

  1. David Montgomery – Bears

Now for the most debated part of the article. I know your thinking this is some kind of joke, but no David Montgomery comes in at number two on my list. David was the 4th running back taken off the 2019 rookie draft. Some other people are already predicting Montgomery to be apart of the 2019 All-Rookie Team. He has the HYPE! I understand that but the two things that stands in his way from being the top guy on this list is Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen. Cohen is no doubt the pass catching back for the Bears, and the Bears paid Davis a two year six-million-dollar contract. Now Montgomery has every chance to take the job from Davis that I understand, but unless his pass catching gets better, he will be spilt touches with Cohen.

  1. Josh Jacobs – Raiders

So, you may have guessed this one by now. Josh Jacobs is my number one running back that will see touches in 2019. The main reason being he was the only running back drafted in the first round of the 2019 draft. Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement just days before the draft. This news bolted the Raiders to pick up Jacobs with one of the three 1st round picks they had. Jacobs was behind his teammate Harris on the Alabama depth chart, but he managed to prove his worth during his time on the field. Jacobs was able to show off his speed and quickness at Alabama by tallying up over 2,000 yards from scrimmage along with 21 touchdowns. This guy will be the centerpiece of the Raiders offense, so they can get back to where they were a few years ago. The only real threat Josh Jacobs has is Antonio Brown but come on they can’t just pass the ball on every down. I am projecting big things for Jacobs! Most redraft leagues have him going around the 5th round, so yeah add that to another reason why I put him first on my list. As I said earlier, injury can make any rookie start early so only time will tell.

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