Week 2 reactions & the waiver wire

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2 weeks into the season already.  Hopefully you are 2-0 in most leagues and not 0-2.  We introduce a new segment titled, ‘What’s that smell?’  Just by the name you can probably tell it isn’t about players named Patrick Mahomes.  We discuss some players that are, simply put, not playing well at all.  As we all know, injuries happen and some of them are very unfortunate.  To name a few; Big Ben, Drew Brees, Devin Singletary.  Injuries are never good and we never wish them upon any players.  With that being said, they do create opportunities for the next guy up which means…WAIVER WIRE!!!  Tune in to hear The Fam discuss their reactions from week 2 PLUS players you should be targeting for your week 3 of the season.

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