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What to do with Todd Gurley?

Written By: Joshua Black @ff_jblack


Since Gurley’s rookie year he has been on top of all football fantasy draft boards. This season just seems different for many fantasy lovers and here is why. Let’s recall, December 16, 2018 Gurley exited the Eagles game with a knee injury. This injury seemed to be a minor one for him, but it would lead to something more serious. The Rams tried their best to cover up the injury. Later it was determined that Gurley was dealing with arthritis in his knee. This arthritis in his knee could be what settled in after his injury in his 2014 college season. Which this was the end of final year at UGA with an ACL injury.

Now let’s go over why some Gurley owners in either dynasty or keeper leagues should be worried. The Rams blocked the Lions from signing Malcolm Brown during the free agency. During the 2019 draft, the Rams drafted Darrell Henderson in the 3rd round. Henderson was a complete monster for the Memphis Tigers. The Mississippi native finished his college career with 4,303 scrimmage yards and 44 total touchdowns. Be on watch to see Henderson over take Brown for the back up to Gurley.   Not only will Henderson beat out Brown for the backup role but could be the starter day on day one if Gurley is not a hundred percent. Coach McVay has come out and said Gurley see some snap reduction next season, but this could mean five or so less than normal.

Now let’s go over the other side of this argument. Gurley is the main guy on the team. He is truly a bell-cow running back. Gurley has taken this team on his back many times before. If you like me and you are a Gurley owner rather it be dynasty or keeper, then you’re not worried much because you know how he is. Only sure thing to do being the Gurley owner is simply having his handcuff. Now your asking yourself the million-dollar question here, who is going to be his handcuff? For me at this point, in early OTAs, I’m going say its Henderson without a shadow of doubt. The reason I am siding with Henderson is because why would the Rams spend that much draft capitol on a spot that on paper didn’t seem like a need. Reminding you that this comes even after they blocked the Lions from signing Brown away as well. Seems like a clear-cut decision if you ask me. If you didn’t have the chance to scoop up Henderson in your rookie draft, then I would suggest you get to sending some trades to make it happen for just in case your star player goes down, or he starts sharing some snaps.

Final thoughts, if you not a Gurley owner then take advantage of this and try to buy Gurley for a steal. If you managed to steal Henderson from the Gurley owner, then get everything you can from them. If you on the other side of this, sell Gurley for the best offer you can find, and don’t over pay for his back-up. You could even simply sell him to the Henderson owner for something you that fits your needs. The possibilities are out there so head out and make the decision.

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