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Which wideout should you take first?

Written By: Joshua Black @ff_jblack

OK, so you are sitting anywhere from the 1.01 to 1.09 spot in your draft and you want the best wide out in fantasy football.  You are trying to decide exactly which one will give the best fantasy output. Well lucky for you I’m here to break down the clear top 2 and which is the best to pick from. If you don’t do mocks or don’t care for rankings, then you’re just going to do whatever but one thing I will tell you is if you’re not deciding between DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams then you’re most likely doing it wrong. Yes, I know Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, JuJu, and OBJ is worth mentioning, but I would not consider either of them unless I was at the back of the 1st round. Also, I know anyone can make a case for those guys, but the numbers don’t lie. Both Hopkins and Adams ADP according to is tied with LeVeon Bell at 1.08.

Davante Adams

Adams is heading into his sixth season with the Packers. Last year was his big break out year with the team. Adams went 111 for 1,386 yards and 13 TD’s. When Adams became the clear-cut number one wide out on his team, he just dominated at the position. The up and coming season should be no different for him. The Packers got rid of their head coach which some say was holding the team back. I believe Aaron Rodgers will more say in the passing game and will be allowed to take more shots down field. Adams is in store for a great year in 2019.

DeAndre Hopkins


DeAndre Hopkins is a freak of nature. Hopkins went 115 for 1,572 yards and 11 TD’s. The most amazing fact from the 2018 season was Hopkins did not drop a pass. Hopkins has had a lot of QB’s to throw him the ball, but he always managed to be a top guy each year. Hopkins has had 4 1,000 plus seasons while Adams has only had one. The numbers don’t lie when you can have that much success with multiple quarterbacks. Hopkins (163) was targeted just a few times less than Adams (169) but he got more yards and averaged a better yards per reception. Adams was 12.5% while Hopkins was 13.7%.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t guessed, it by now then I say its DeAndre Hopkins by a mile for me! The guy is simply amazing and deserves to be the first guy off the board when picking wide outs. Hopkins hardly ever disappointed you when you started him, and I believe he will continue his amazing career with another great fantasy year.

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